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Hello Integrity Academy parents and caregivers~

Our initiative to expand our playground and outdoor learning spaces continues. So far with O.M.I.A's Empower The Parent; Empower The Children campaigns, we have already raised close to $1,000 with only about 15 families participating and a total of 2 hours of effort on our part! That is an incredible achievement!  

As we promised, you will never be asked to participate in selling cookie dough or gift wrapping to your friends and colleagues. All of our fundraising initiatives are easy and focused on community development and learning. This is certainly the case with O.M.I.A.!

O.M.I.A. offers powerful learning with "Empower The Parent, Empower The Children", an audio parenting series providing you insightful, timely, transformative information and techniques to help your family flourish and deal with uniquely 21st century parenting issues. .  

O.M.I.A. is also definitely easy!

This fundraiser only takes about 30 minutes of my time each time we do it, freeing me to take care of more important tasks like working on making your school better and better for your children. 

It's easy for you too,  because it requires only as much time as you can give to listen to the downloaded audio content. 

"Empower The Parent, Empower The Children" has been much appreciated by parents who have bought it so far.  

"I have listened to the first talk and I really enjoyed it.  The first talk was amazing, so I can't wait to hear more."   Patricia

Last year we wanted to have more parents participate so we offered new purchasing options which helped a lot. Those options will continue to be offered.  

This campaign is running from October 18th through November 17th, 2016, and we would like to end with 30 families having participated- that's half our school and means we counting on 15 families!

If you've already experienced the power of this information, we'd love it if you could share the campaign with other parents you may know and/or other schools you may be associated with.  O.M.I.A. generously offers our school up to a 20% share of any funds raised by other schools that say we referred them. 

In gratitude,


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