Whole Life Learning is a progressive school in South Austin. We are serving over 100 families in our commitment to nurture genius and now need to raise money for our outdoor environment including:

  • a sandbox and equipment for the new preschool playground
  • paint and lumber to put the finishing touches on the "Big Kid Fort"
  • a ROPES course
  • a basketball hoop
  • general playground equipment including sports balls and jump ropes

 With O.M.I.A. we've found a way to help parents, children, and our school in a way that aligns with our holistic principles!  O.M.I.A. is a company founded with a mission to "fundraise from the heart".  Their heart-centered audio parenting course for 21st century parents does just that. It offers parents invaluable information and guidance on many topics specific to raising children in the 21st century.  When you buy "Empower The Parent, Empower The Children" at 50% off current retail, 40% of the proceeds will go to our outside environment project! 

By purchasing any episode or a series from their great program, "Empower the Parent, Empower the Children", not only will you get to listen and learn from experts in the fields of parenting, personal growth, education and child development, you will also be supporting the Whole Life Learning Center. 

Every single one of the episodes in "Empower The Parent, Empower The Children" is juicy with insights and tips for the 21st century parent - I highly recommend getting an entire series, since MP3's can travel with you anywhere! Not only that, if your friends and other family members including grandparents, aunts and uncles buy any episodes then your child benefits with more and more consciously engaged adults around them... AND they get an upgraded playground!  

So please, take a look, take a listen, share this campaign liberally with your friends and family! The benefits will surely spread far and wide with the potential to positively impact your child, your family and our WLLC community.


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